Lily, High School Program, from United States

The experience in Brazil was very good! I had an amazing time. My host family has invited me and my natural mom back. And we will come! I love Brazil, and this was the best year of my life!! Thank everyone at FIT for making it possible!

Sean, High School Program, from United States

Brazilians are the most social people I have ever been around. Coming from the US, and a family that is more reserved, this has been good for me. This experience has pushed me outside of my comfort zone, making me a more outgoing person.

Rachel, Cultural Program, from United States

I had an absolutely wonderful time in Brasil!  My family could not have been nicer and we became very close right away.  My host parents showed me their city with pride and took me to surrounding areas as well.  They took great care of me and we had so much fun together.

Sara, High School, from Denmark

Learning to speak Portuguese was really fun and really challenging. I got so many real friendships there that I’ll never forget. The weather is hot and great and so different! All I can say is that for me it was the most amazing and crazy and life changing year of my life. I wouldn’t change one thing if I could. Brazil is my home now too.