Due to its temperate conditions all year round, Brazil has established a significant sporting culture. Not only are sports widely played and popular amongst vast majorities of the population, but they are also varied in nature. Brazil Sports have a very strong heritage in the country and most of the people in Brazil regularly follow and participate in various sports items.


Brazil – “Country of Soccer” or “Land of Soccer Shoes”, as it is known abroad – did not invent soccer, but it became a fertile ground for its dissemination and popularization, in the whole world. This is well illustrated by the countless variations of soccer created in Brazil, such as beach soccer, futsal, indoor soccer, button soccer and even footvolley. The presence of soccer is so ubiquitous in the Brazilian landscape that there is no village, indigenous settlement, religious convent or penitentiary that does not have its own soccer field. The Brazilian Soccer Confederation (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol – CBF) is the organizing body for Brazilian soccer.


Brazil’s vast land area, and great diversity of flora and geographical formations make it a privileged destination for horseback riding. There are innumerable natural-linked options, in the Chapadas (plateaus) and along the beaches of the immense stretches of coast-land or in the Pantanal region. Activities make use of well-trained horses around the woods, streams and pastures of farms and often have a good chance of seeing wild animals.


For scuba divers at all leves of ability, Guarapari in Espírito Santo, Arraial do Cabo and Búzios in Rio de Janeiro, Bombinas in Santa Catarina, Recife in Permanbuco and Salvador in Bahia offer year-round climatic conditions and infrastructure to ensure an unforgettable freshwater streams and for the possibility it offers, at certain times of the year, to go diving in caverns.


Radical sports have theis place guaranteed in the itineraries offer throughout the country. Brazil’s distinct geographical characteristics offer exceptional conditions for adventure sports. Vertical sports like rappel, canyoing and rafting can be carried out in various localities like Santo Amaro da Imperatriz and Timbó, Santa Catarina, São Luiz do Paraitinga and Brotas, São Paulo, Itacaré and Chapada Diamantina, Bahia and Chapada dos Veadeiros, Goiás.