High School Private Schools

The High School Program – Private School is designed to provide the student a wonderful experience of life while studying in Brazil and living with a Brazilian Host Family for one semester or one year. Students can come and learn from the culture difference while becoming more mature, independent and improving the language knowledge

Brazilian Host Families:

Brazilian People are considered one of the most receptive in the world. Host families can be volunteers and host for the simple desire to share their culture and way of life with another person and learn from them as well.

Entry Requirements:

  • Students between 15 – 18 years old who are currently enrolled at a High School.
  • Students need to be mature, adaptable, independent, desire to learn and live in a different country.
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Knowledge of Portuguese is not mandatory although suggested.

Duration of the program:

The program can be of:

  • Academic year (10 months) starting in February;
  • Academic Semester (5 months) starting in February or August;
  • 2-3 months starting in February or August.